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Our made to order molTÂN melter kits are a great way to get anyone melting and pouring metal.


Confidence in your equipment is paramount to creating effectively and safely so we've made a robust and efficient furnace that can go the distance.


Our molTÂN melters are a copy of our furnace that is regularly used for bronze, copper and aluminium, it has gone through many alterations and versions and this is our best one yet. We wanted them to be simple and customisable so they are built to melt quickly and efficiently while maintaining their lining.

molTÂN melter


In the molTÂN melter kit you will receive:

- Furnace

- Propane burner

- 4 Bar high pressure LPG regulator

- Burner stand set to the height of your furnace

- Refractory crucible stand

- 2m of high pressure LPG hose

- Lid lifter

- Crucible is NOT included

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