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We pride ourselves on work quality and accommodating any vision.

We work on unique commissions that utilise our creative abilities as artists, fabricators, casters and problem solvers. We are able to provide high-quality work that you can trust; our in-depth design process gives you the assurance that you will be getting the commission you want with our years of experience to guide your vision.

Gates for the Rose & Crown 

The client needed a very sturdy set of outdoor gates that replaced the old wooden ones that had completely disintegrated. We opted to clad a steel frame with wood to maintain the style but ensure it can put up with far more abuse than the previous gates.

We also found some odd pieces of wood that were wobbly, rotten and pointless so we replaced them with hand made steel brackets that made the gates look far neater.

Fire cage for The Warren

The owner of The Warren came to us in need of a custom fire cage to run events and cook spectacular flame grilled food. We made a complete package from grills to wind breakers and roof for typical Welsh inclement weather. Built with a partition for vegan and meat eaters, this is truly built to cater for the masses.
We plan to make a smaller commercial version that will appear in our shop soon but we are always open to create a new custom fire cage for anyone who needs one.

Boat wreck fire pit

The client came to us with a couple of functional aspects and 'boat wreck' as the visual cue. We worked together to design something truly to their taste, taking the time to re-design and fettle the idea to be a truly unique piece that could stand the test of time. It was an exciting project to design that required the use of some wood working techniques in steel.

Cast iron train

Someone approached us with a 50th birthday present idea for a train enthusiast. Their favourite train being the 125. After working with the client on how they would like best represent this beautiful train, we settled on immortalising it in cast iron and placed it on a railway sleeper to be displayed in the garden.

If you would like to talk to us about any ideas you might have, please contact us using the form below or by e-mail.

 You can also reach us on facebook and instagram.

- The molTÂN team

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