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molTÂN melters


Our Standard molTÂN melter set up:


£30 delivery to UK mainland

International shipping available

- Furnace -

lined with 1400ºC rated castable refractory

(wall thickness of 50mm)

fits up to an A20 crucible

Weight: 75kg approx.

lid: 15kg approx.

body: 60kg approx.

- Burner -

38.1mm (11/2") adjustable air intake

25mm (1") barrel

- Burner stand

- Crucible stand

- 4 Bar high pressure LPG regulator

- 2m of high pressure hose

- Lid lifter

- Crucible is NOT included

MolTÂN melter technical drawing

All measurements in millimetres, lid cuff measurement may differ from furnace to furnace

Due to each furnace being handmade, there may be slight differences in the parts we have sourced elsewhere such as the lid handles. If you wish to know the exact furnace info for the one you would purchase then we can collect more detailed measurements and photos.

We understand it can be difficult getting hold of materials and accessories in the UK so if we can offer any advice for where to get everything, simply ask using the form below and we'd be happy to help where we can.

We are able to make a whole range of tools and furnaces including 100kg tapping coke fuelled blast furnaces so anything you can think of, we will be eager to explore possibilities with you.

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