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molTÂN makers

At molTÂN we believe everyone should experience the power of making.


We are trying to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for others to create in, and so, we have created molTÂN makers.

With molTÂN makers, we provide classes catering to all skill levels to get people involved in creative expression through sculpture.

As artists we understand how a creative outlet can be hugely beneficial to people and we want to make that more readily available.

These classes are specialised in cast metals including iron, bronze and aluminium and will teach people the basics of how to think and create in 3D using techniques used for thousands of years (with maybe one or two tweaks over the years).

We hope to get people as excited about working creatively as we are, especially if it means getting your hands dirty.

We run 2 different classes that we feel will benefit people:

1 day class‬

During this class, you will make and carve into your own scratch mold. Giving you a taste of working in negative and an introduction to casting. When you’ve finished your design, we will pour aluminium into your mold transforming your carving into solid metal for you to take home. ‪


5 day class‬ ‪

 Compared to the 1 day class, this class takes a more in-depth look into the mold making process; giving a greater insight into the techniques used in creative casting. This time, you’ll have an opportunity to create pieces in both aluminium and iron.‬

How can you get involved?

We are currently planning future dates for these classes and if you wish to be part of our mailing list or have any questions about future classes, please use the e-mail form below.

- The molTÂN team

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