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Lift  and pour your molten metal safely and securely with our crucible lifting tongs and crucible shank; hand forged and tested by us, our tongs and shank are made from thick steel for a solid grasp and sturdy feel.


Our tongs are designed to use the crucible's own weight to clamp securely with just the right pressure. this means you're not relying on your grip to safely move your crucible, just some simple physics.


Our crucible shank's simple design ensures no problems or complications with moving parts with the ring ensuring a snug fit and a set angle for a comfortable pouring position.


As we do not make a single person shank for anything over A12 as this would be an unsafe weight to pour on your own using this style of shank.



They can be made to fit any sized crucible.

Lifting Tongs and Crucible Shank Set (A8, A10, A12, A16, A20)

PriceFrom £200.00

1 x set of steel crucible lifting tongs

1x single person crucible shank


Crucible not included

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