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Furnaces and accessories

At molTÂN we want people to create, unhindered.

​​Confidence in your equipment is paramount to creating effectively and safely, so we've made robust kit that you can rely on.​


We hand make all of our products, using readily available materials to save money and time, that way we can sell them at a competitive price while maintaining quality.​


Each product is tested and checked before sending to ensure that you are good to go as soon as it arrives.​

We generally only sell equipment we have made but understand it can be difficult getting hold of materials and accessories in the UK.  So if we can offer any advice for where to get anything, simply contact us using our e-mail or the form on the contact page and we'd be happy to help where we can.

Furnaces are made to order so if you would like us to add certain features for you we can talk about what you need.


We make a whole range of tools and furnaces including 100kg tapping coke fuelled blast furnaces.

 Anything you can think of, we will be eager to explore possibilities with you.

Order through the store or for custom products and international shipping, please contact us using the form below.

Happy melting!

- The molTÂN Team

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